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Utah's leading provider of custom window well covers. Our team came together to reimagine standard outdoor fixtures to be both up-to-date stylistically and built to last. Available in 4 beautiful designs and 3 finishes, Feldhawk window well grates will compliment your home's style.



Feldhawks quality window covers are rated to hold over 400 lbs!



Our designs are for homes, not prisons.



Multiple standard sizes available to fit any well size.

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Let the light in, not your legs


Unfortunately, some covers don't seem designed for human use. Yeah, we said it. Kids can't walk on them, babies can't crawl on them, and some adults still get their feet stuck. Window grates should be made to accommodate the traffic from patrons of all sizes; otherwise, what's their use? Get peace of mind knowing Feldhawk designs for all sizes.

window well covers utah

Stylize to match your home


Why are all window well covers the same? Sure, the two designs out there keep people from falling into a hole but why can’t they be more? Well now they are! Feldhawk’s unique window cover options are Utah County’s way to CREATE the design they actually want without having to match everyone else on the block.

Window well grate utah

How to measure for your


Measure how far your well extends away from your foundation; this is the depth from the house. Now measure your well width where it meets your foundation from the outside of the well to the opposite outside edge. Then add 2" to the width and select the closest size offered on the product page.

window well cover utah

Built for peace of mind


When it comes to steel window well covers, the number 1 priority is ensuring it can withstand just about anything. That’s why our team of engineers designed, re-designed, and re-re-redesigned our covers to be sure that we got our metal window well grates juuuust right. Wether you're in Salt Lake or Utah County, we have you covered.

metal window well covers Utah

Because we’re over-achievers


Don’t leave man's best friend hanging… literally. While we can’t design for every species, we can make our designs as pets safe as possible! Your kids AND pets will thank you.

window well covers utah
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