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Feldhawk FAQ's

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How much weight can Feldhawk window well covers hold?

Feldhawk window well covers can hold over 400 lbs.


How are the covers fixed to the window well?

Building code states that the covers have to be completely removable. Our covers lay on top of and inside the well.


Are all window well covers a standard size and shape?

The short answer is no. Which is why we offer so many sizes. However, one size of cover can typically work for a variety of wells that are close in dimension.


Can I just come pick the covers up?

This may be possible if you're ordering a standard size from us! Reach out to to see if your size is available and in-stock!


Can I choose a different color of powder coating?

Yes! Aside from our 4 standard finishes, you can select another color. However, selecting a different color will be subjected to a greater cost at checkout. There will also be no returns aloud since this product will be totally custom.


What if I want your covers but don’t live in Utah?

Make no mistake, Feldhawk is a worldwide brand sold pretty much everywhere, especially in the continental US. Simply place your order on the website as you would any other website and we'll happily ship your order to you.


Why choose Feldhawk Utah window well covers?

Aside from being ridiculously strong and customizable to fit any window well size. Our DIY window well covers are simply better to look at then any other competitors style. Why? Because we actually collaborated with designers to create products that look and function amazing. We also offer a few finishes that allow you to customize your window well covering exactly how you like.


How do I measure my window well?

It's very simple. Just grab any type of measuring tool (preferably one long enough to span the distance of your well) and measure the widest width (left to right) as well as the distance from the house to the outside edge of you well (front to back). Be sure to measure from the outside of your window wells as your cover will need to extend a little beyond the edges. Our recommended overhang for your overs is 1-3" larger than your well itself.

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