Designer Series - Window Well Covers

Designer Series - Window Well Covers

Our "Designer Series" window well covers are completely unique to Feldhawk and unlike any other covers you've seen in Utah. Designed and manufactured in Spanish Fork, these beautifully patterned window well covers make the perfect compliment for any home design style. With our industry-leading capacity of over 400 lbs, our window well grates keep your kids and loved ones safe and unwanted debris out. Not located in Utah ? No problem, we will ship our beautiful window well covers nationwide! 


Custom Sized and Styled Window Well Covers Utah- 

Make your  covers unique to your home by selecting a color and pattern that best matches the look of your house! Feldhawks window well grates are also offered in many sizing options that allow just about every window well to be adorned with our stylish window well covers.


  • Can Support More Than 400 pounds.
  • Made with Premium Cold Rolled Steel
  • Very Strong Powder Coating
  • Let's in Light, Not the Legs of Children


Founded in Utah, Feldhawk offers it's unique window well covers to local customers at the best price. That enables to have modern designs for a great similar price as our competition.


Quick Delivery.

As with to others in the industry, we can occationally be limited by metal availability. However, we usually have every order finished within two to three weeks after payment. Competitors claiming to do it quicker than 2 - 3 weeks aren't taking the measures needed to ensure your covers are done right. Window well covers Utah County are not all the same, so don't settle for prefabricated covers!


True Veterans

Feldhawks 30 years of manufacturing experierce has shown us what it takes to truly design and build products right. Feldhawks team of designers and engineers are passionate with creating amazing products that wow, and it's illustrated through the medium of window well covers.


Do-It-Yourself Window Well Covers.

Don't like paying extra for something you can do yourself? Not a problem, every one of our covers can be installed without anyone at the home. Just input the dimensions and custom options you'd like an we can arrange for a time to drop off or you can pick up your covers at our shop for no delivery fee. 


***Please Note***- Our White Powder Coated finsh is more likely to show rust marks over the years than our other colors. Please purchase this finish with that in mind.

    $269.00 Regular Price
    $249.00Sale Price
    Color (Powder Coating)