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What Makes Window Well Covers an Absolute Necessity for Your House?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

If you own a house with a basement that has a window opening up at the

ground level, it is better to use a U-shaped assembly called a window well,

which surrounds the basement window and creates some space between the

window and the surface which allows light and air into your basement.

However, an exposed window well can also lead to many issues. It can

accumulate water, snow, and dust which eventually reaches your basement

and destroys the stuff there. It can also cause accidental falls into the well. To

avoid all of this you need to cover the window well.

The window well covers are usually sheets of plastic or metal which are put on

top of the well to prevent animals from falling and to protect your basemen

from extreme weather conditions.

Following are the main reasons why window well covers are a must for your


1. Allow Sufficient Light and Air in

Since window well covers are transparent, they do not stop light from

reaching your underground room. These covers can also be removed easily

in case you need some fresh air inside your basement and once you are

done or the weather outside gets bad, you can close them right back up.

2. Reduced Losses

Window wells are the only opening between your basement and the

outside world and if not covered they can lead to a huge loss to your


The water and snow damage, dust particles constantly making their way in,

and animals like rats and stray cats, etc entering into your basement

destroys the stuff you have kept there. All of this can be avoided by using

window well covers.

3. Increased life of Window Wells

Since window wells are out in the open and exposed, they have to face

harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, snowstorms, etc which can

destroy these wells easily and that consequently lead to basement flooding.

To increase the life of your window well, your only bet is to use a window

well cover.

4. Energy Saving Covers

Window well covers reduce your electricity costs by keeping heat and

moisture from entering your basement. Thus, window well covers sort of

insulate your basement and protect it from burning sunlight entering your

room and keep the inside temperature under control.

5. Better Security

Basement window wells are a huge target for thieves since they can easily

break into your house by picking up the lock while using the well as a hiding

spot. However, if you use a window well cover, you add an extra layer of

security that keeps these stealers away.

These covers are designed so that you can only open them from the inside.

Thus, window well covers give you a sense of protection and complete

peace of mind.

Bottom Line

In order to keep your basement and house safer from extreme weather

conditions, to let sufficient light and air in, and to avoid any financial losses,

window well covers are essential.

They can give your basement window a cool look while keeping your house

safe from intruders. So, we urge you to consider these covers for your

window wells and wish you the very best.

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