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How Should Window Well Covers Fit?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Window Wells are an essential part of every home architecture that has a

basement built into it. These window wells are used to pull up the groundwater

regularly. This way, the window wells prevent water damage to basement

windows which can spread to the entire basement.

Now, these window wells can accumulate dirt and moisture that can build up to

create a lot of issues for you. So, you need window well covers to ensure that the

well doesn’t get filled with dirt.

About Window Well Covers

Window well covers are quite like window guards, but for your basement

windows. You can get these covers in multiple shapes and sizes.

And the best part is, you can DIY install plastic or metal window well covers,

without needing any kind of professional assistance.

Let’s go over the basic steps that you need to take to fit window well covers

Window Well Covers Installation Steps

1. Get the Right Measurements for Window Well

You need to get the measurements of the window well from the front and the

back, and from the points where it connects to the house.

You should try to get the maximum length so that you get the right size

window well cover. Also, keep in mind the shape of the window well and also

make sure that the edge of the well supports the entire sheet.

2. Measure the Window Well Cover

Measure the window well cover size and you need to keep about 4 to 6 inches

of the cover that is going to rest on the wall. You need to mark it with tape.

Mark all the ends before applying the cover to ensure that you have gotten just

the right measurements. The process is quite similar to what you do with

window well grates.

3. Remove the Cover

Now, it is time to begin the installation process. You need to insert a 2x4”

chunk under the plastic below one of the marked tapes. After that, you need to

create an opening that needs to be slightly wider than the screw diameter. Be

careful with a drill and use it delicately so that it doesn’t damage the plastic.

The reason for putting the chunk of wood is to prevent the plastic from

breaking when you do bore on it.

4. Install the Cover

Now, you just need to place the window well cover and tighten the clamps to

the cover. Make sure that the prongs are properly holding the edges. When

you have fastened the cover, make sure that there are no bends or buckling of

clips on it. After that, test the plastic cover to ensure that it is installed


Final Words

This is all there is to it! You just need to make sure that you buy the right window

well cover that is just right for your home window wells. If you take the right

measurements for the well and get the right cover, the installation process would

become a whole lot simpler for you.

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