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How to Measure Window Well Covers Utah

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Window well grates seem simple enough to install but when it comes down to understanding the curvature and how that will aligns with your actual window well is when things seem to get pretty complicated. That's why Feldhawk Window Well Covers has put together this simple guide on how to actually measure your window well cover.

black window well cover
expanded steel window well cover

Grab a tape measure!

This probably goes without saying, but having the accuracy of a tape measure vs comparing your window well to your personal wing span will really help make sure you get exactly what you need.

Measure the width

The "width" of your Utah window well cover is determined by attaching your tape measure to one side of your window well and measuring to the opposite sides outside edge (don't measure the inside edge of your window well). This measurement will determine your overall "width".

Measure the depth

The "depth" of your well can be determined by measuring the distance from the homes foundation to the outside edge (the furthest point of the window well from the house). If you're having difficulty determining this because your window opening is actually partially above the well, then just do your best to line up your tape measure with where you think the foundation would be if the window were set below the well entirely (it doesn't have to be perfect).

Ordering your window well covers

Feldhawk window well covers recommends ordering your covers 2" to 4" wider than your actual window well "width" measurement. This helps prevent issues in which your wells curvature doesn't align with the markets standard window well cover design.

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