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What Window Well Covers are Used for?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Window well covers are an essential investment that you need to make for your

home. If you have a window well that you have designed for your basement, you

need to get a cover for it to maximize the effectiveness that it has to offer.

Window well covers serve various purposes. From being useful for light and

ventilation to the protection of the structural integrity of your home, the benefits

of window well covers are endless.

Here are some of the most prominent applications of window well covers that you need to know

1. Protection of Window Wells

Window Wells are designed with some sort of drainage system set in place so

that they can handle the water or debris intake. But with time, these wells can

accumulate a lot of debris which can create a lot of problems such as clogging.

Window Well covers prevent that from happening. These covers minimize the

accumulate of moisture and debris in the drainage of the window well. This

allows the window well to maintain its structural integrity for a long period of


2. Safety Benefits

Window well covers are strong and sturdy. You can either get plastic or metal

window well covers. Both offer a lot of strength that protects your window well

and through that your basement.

Also, window well covers come with quick-release locks that you can use to

make an emergency exists. The safety benefits of window wells are the primary

reason why we recommend them.

3. Protection Against Environmental Factors

A good quality window well cover will protect your place from undesirable

environmental conditions. If your window well doesn’t have a cover, it can

accumulate snow, leaves, twigs, and even debris. And the heavy rain can

sometimes flood your basement as well. Window well covers protect your

place from all of these harsh environmental conditions. Also, this saves you

from spending your time cleaning the basement because the covers don’t let

any of the dirt or moisture enter the window well.

4. Save Children and Pets from Falling into the window well

Window well covers are a must for you if you have children or pets at home.

Any kind of misstep can cause them to fall into the well. A powerful window

well will protect your children and pets in case of such accidents. These well

are quite sturdy and they can easily handle a lot of weight. These wells can

withstand a lot of weight and pressure to ensure that your kids are protected

against the risk of falling in the well.


These are just some of the applications of window well covers. Although investing

your time and money in getting window well covers might come off as

unnecessary, it is an essential investment that proves to be extremely useful for

your living space.

You can check out our massive range of premium quality Utah Window Well

covers at Feldhawk. We offer strong and stylish window well covers that you can

get for your place to make it safer for yourself and your family.

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