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How to install window well covers Utah

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Window wells are great because they allow light into your dark basement. The only issue with the

Two window wells with covers on them

m is they also leave big holes for your kids or pets to fall into. Not to worry, Feldhawk has window well covers that allow light into the home without leaving gaping holes for your loved ones to plummet into.

How to install your window well cover

Utah window well covers are pretty easy to install. Since window well grates Utah are essentially a light metal slab, you can simply just lay them over your well. However, what sets Feldhawks window well covers apart is we also add tabs on multiple side to promote anti-slipping. This helps if your wells are in a high traffic area and people may be commonly walking on your window well grates.

How to measure window well covers

Simply measure the overall width by placing your tape measure on the outside edge of one side of your window well and stretching it out to other opposite outside edge. That will be your "width". Then measure from your house to the front side edge of your well. That will be your "depth". From there we recommend, when ordering, selecting a window well cover size that is 2"-4" wider than the "width" of your window well. The reason behind this is most window wells are not perfectly symmetrical. When the dirt is filled in around your window wells in Utah, it's common for the weight of the backfill to shift the placement of your well an thus making it a weird shape. Adding these inches help you overcome any imperfections in your well that wouldn't allow for a perfectly symmetrical cover to fit your well.

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