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How do window well covers work?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

It looks simple but sometimes window well covers can be a little complicated. How so? Well Feldhawk has the answers! One thing that can complicate the process of installing high quality window well covers can be the window well itself. Not all wells are the same, in fact usually no two on the house are usually the same. This makes it a bit more complicated than just throwing on two of the same sized window well grates. Before we jump into the details of how window well covers work, let's talk about what factors FeldHawk works with on a daily basis and how we've overcome them with our designs.

Window Well Shapes

As we mentioned above not all window wells are shaped the same. Why would that be? Why would your home builder install two different shapes of wells on the same house? Well the truth is, they probably did but when they filled in the dirt around the well, it likely shifted one well this way, your other well that way, or condensed it altogether. Thats how you end up having window well covers that fit one window but wont fit another.

Window Well Cover Sizes

Aside from window wells being deformed by the dirt that spills in around them sometimes a different space in the basement can call for a different sized window. In that case, your builder Will need a different sided well. This can complicate things because now you have make sure you measure all of your wells. That being said, Feldhawk offers window well measuring services to help out! Ok now that you know the pitfalls around window well cover sizing. Let's talk about how they should work to overcome these obstacles!

Utah window well covers that overlap

Here in Utah it's very popular to have window well covers that overlap your well. If you look closely at your neighbors window well covers, you'll often see that they look like they fit really good on the right side of the cover but not on the the left. Again, that's because the dirt shifted that well. Shifting the well back isn't really going to be an option for you if you don't own or want to rent an excavator. So your next best option is to hide the imperfection under a Feldhawk window well cover. Our covers are designed to overlap and conceal the imperfection by making the cover itself symmetrical while having a band around the outside that conceals the imperfect look with beautiful designs.

Easy to install

Since our covers are designed to overlap your wells. All you need to do is simply place the window well grate over you window well and you are done! This is why we chose this methoed of creating window well covers. It's easy, safe, and uncomplicated. In conclusion, how do window well covers work? They are simple, just install them over your window well to keep your family safe and and debri out of your window wells. Have more questions? Email Team FeldHawk at for any questions you still have!

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